Jimmy is partnering with International Cooperating Ministries and the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to build churches and hope centers all across the world. For every birdie Jimmy makes in a PGA tour sanctioned event in 2021, he will donate $10 to BirdiesforHope. You can partner with Jimmy today!

BirdiesforHope, Our Story

In 2019, Jimmy found his influence growing in professional golf when he started receiving multiple messages from fans who were following his golf career. During the 2019 offseason, Jimmy tried to think of a way that he could use this influence to help others in a charitable way. After conversations with numerous friends and family, the idea that he could donate a certain amount per birdie and invite family, friends, and fans to join him dawned on him.

In January 2020, Jimmy decided to parter with International Cooperating Ministries to launch BirdiesforHope. Uncertain if BirdiesforHope would grow, Jimmy pledged $10 per birdie and decided to trust God to bring along partners to donate as well as provide the birdies on the golf course.

Our first project at BirdiesforHope was to help fund the building of the Rios de Agua Viva church in Arjona, Bolivar, Colombia. Arjona, a small village in rural Colombia, did not have a church or even many soundly constructed buildings. Since 2004, The Rios de Agua Viva church had the land and labor to build a church building but could not raise the necessary $16,000 in building supplies. We certainly ran into roadblocks, the largest being COVID, but God is good. Through the world of golf, we were able to answer this sixteen-year-old prayer, raise the $16,000, and build a well-constructed church building for this church. They are currently impacting an estimated 650 people per week. 


In fact, because of the generous donations of people like you, we were able to raise $37,000 off of 294 birdies in 2020. Our second project, the San Vicente Hope Center, close to the beautiful city of Medellín, is a much more expensive project that will impact hundreds of people a day. But because of your generous donations, we are only a couple thousand dollars away from fully funding this project. How exciting!


The story certainly does not stop there. Jimmy is very excited to continue BirdiesforHope into 2021 to complete the San Vicente Hope Center, and begin a new project to soon be announced, all while pursuing his PGA tour card!

To partner or renew with Jimmy, click the pledge now button at the top of the page or give a one time donation using the donate now button. 

Why did Jimmy choose International Cooperating ministries and what does ICM do specifically? 

ICM partners with local congregations that already have the land to build churches and hope centers in third world countries. Hope centers attach to the church chapel and provide improved amenities like air conditioning, plumbing, a kitchen, room for classes, and more. These buildings are often in use seven days a week in service to the community in five key ways: 1. Social Compassion. 2. Healthcare. 3. Education. 4. Entrepreneurship. 5. Preaching The Gospel of the Peace of Jesus Christ. 

By partnering with BirdiesforHope, you are helping to support and build quality structures that will serve as community gathering centers, town halls, a place to sleep for missionaries and refugees, local hospitals, schools for children, trade schools for adults, orphanages and places of worship among others. Hope centers allow the church even greater room to expand their charity to their surrounding community. 

Jimmy chose ICM because he has a close relationship with many in their organization and can personally attest to their integrity and ability to make the most out of every dollar. He has personally been impacted by ICM as they built a church in honor of his adopted little sister, Theresa Maylei Stanger, within 10 miles of her birthplace in China. 

More details about each project

Despite the difficulties presented by COVID-19, we have fully funded and constructed the Rios de Agua Viva Arjona Church in Arjona, Colombia! Located near the city of Cartagena, this church has about 80 adults and 40 children and has been praying for a place of worship for over 16 years! Not only will this impact the members of this church, but the hundreds who live in this village who will access this building.  Thanks to you, we have already make a huge difference in this community!

We are currently funding and building the San Vicente Hope Center, close to the beautiful city of Medellín. Their hope center will focus on being a place of refuge for those involved in the drug cartel, a place of education for the many children and young adults who cannot receive a formal education, and a place of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. But we currently need your help to bring this project to fruition!


So will you partner with Jimmy today?


For every birdie he makes, Jimmy will be donating 10 dollars. He made 294 birdies on the Korn Ferry Tour in 2020! Will you partner with him in donating 1, 5, 10, 20 dollars per birdie for this great cause? Any amount will make a difference!